A REVOLUTIONARY 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training programme led by a team of three well-rounded teachers (60+ years of combined experience) at five amazing venues!


Comprised of 4 complementary modules that can be taken in any order, at 4 heavenly retreat centres where you can unplug from daily distractions and fully immerse yourself in each life-changing experience, our modular approach gives you optimal flexibility to explore and learn at your own pace.


In addition to all the Yoga Alliance certification requirements, we’ll give you practical tools for real-life teaching in today’s world, and we’ll share valuable insights from our vast experience at studios, retreat centres, businesses, hospitals and more! 

  • You will learn more about opportunities to teach yoga and what it takes to open your own studio.
  • As a graduate of our programme you will continue to be a part of our Antima Yoga community with our undivided support in the years to come.
  • You will also receive substantial discounts on any of our future CE certification courses like Inversions & Arm Balances, Yin Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Yoga Nidra, Chakra Balancing and many more. 


But most of all, you will embark on the life-changing spiritual journey of becoming a Yoga Teacher and we will guide you on that journey, so you can discover who you already are, your true passion and how to channel it to selflessly serve others.

At Antima, we believe it’s all about balance, so our programme includes an even share of time between: 





Hands-on Learning & Reading


Lectures & Discussion


 Class Teaching & Peer Feedback

Plus ongoing support from our alumni community and experienced trainers long after you complete your introductory modules.

 "Iain is a generous and patient yoga teacher who encourages students

to always push themselves. Students advance quickly under his rigorous,

yet gentle approach."  Mia F. Paris, France


Here’s a brief breakout of the 4 core modules to get you started on your journey:

Module 1


  1. Yoga history and philosophy - from the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, the Pradipika to  the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  2. Essence of Yogic Lifestyle - the Eight Limbs of Yoga
  3. Yogasanas - alignments and purpose for standing and seated postures
  4. Principles of teaching - what we teach, how and why


Special Theme: Teaching Techniques & Finding Your Voice

  • Verbal cues & listening - adapting to your student’s uniqueness
  • Assisting and modifying - compensating for injuries, pregnancy, etc.
  • Guiding the body-mind-spirit connection - showing the way
  • Developing the beginners mind



Costa Rica 23 Feb-2 Mar 2019 / Andalucia, Spain 21 July-28 July 2019

“There are really no great words to describe my gratitude towards what

you have opened in my life, George. Everything truly has a purpose

 and all the choices that led me to you and your studio, I am amazed

and thankful. This was exactly what I needed in my life at

this very moment."  Monica P., Boulder

Module 2


  1. Western anatomy and physiology with biomechanics
  2. Eastern  anatomy ( koshas, nadis, gunas and chakras)
  3. Yogasanas - alignments and purpose for prone and supine postures
  4. Principles of Yin and Yang – different but complementing


Special Theme: Chakras

  • Philosophy and scientific findings
  • Characteristics and qualities
  • Balancing and activation – chanting, pranayama and visualization



Costa Rica 2-9 Mar 2019 / Granada, Spain 28 July-4 Aug 2019

"I have known Bridget for several years, first as a yoga practioner and now

as a teacher. She is totally passionate about yoga, teaching, sprirituality and helping

others. That's why I encourage you to try her classes." Olivier M., St Germain-en-Laye

Module 3


  1. Chinese medicine and Ayurveda – meridians and doshas
  2. Pranayama – working with lifeforce
  3. Exploration of different yoga styles
  4. Meditation


Special Theme: Eastern Philosophies


  • Hinduism
  • Buddhism 
  • Taoism 
  • Zen 



Corozal, Belize 20-27 April 2019 / Goa, India 19-26 October 2019

 " Iain est un prof extraordinaire

qui fait de chacun de ses cours un experience du yoga unique et originale

qui vous motive chaque fois davantage car vous savez que le prochain

cours sera comme une nouvelle découverte."  Francesca M., Barcelona 

Module 4


  1. The Art of Teaching Yoga
  2. Designing a class
  3. Types of Yoga – Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Yin, etc.
  4. Teaching Practicum Ethics for Yoga Teachers


Special Theme: Business aspects of teaching yoga

  •  Finding studios where you can teach your craft
  • Opening your own studio
  • Marketing in the competitive yoga world
  • What’s right for you?



Corozal, Belize 27 April-4 May 2019 / Goa, India 26 October-2 November 2019

"In addition to her undeniable professionalism, Bridget is a remarkably

radiant person. Both energtic and attentive, her teaching is always infused

with mindfulness. I strongly recommend her!"  Emma M., Paris

Contact us for more information to learn more about this exciting yoga journey today!

“Thank you George, for being a teacher, for being open,

and for allowing a place for this space in each of us to be just right.

I hope to be able to do the same for others. I find myself

profoundly grateful.” Katie B., Boulder