INNOVATIVE 200 & 300-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training programmes led by a team of two advanced teachers (40+ years of combined experience) at amazing venues!

Comprised of on-line modules that can be taken in any order, and practical instruction at retreat centres where you can unplug from daily distractions and fully immerse yourself in each life-changing experience, our approach gives you optimal flexibility to explore and learn at your own pace.


In addition to all the Yoga Alliance certification requirements, we’ll give you practical tools for real-life teaching in today’s world, and we’ll share valuable insights from our vast experience at studios, retreat centres, businesses, hospitals and more! 

  • You will learn more about opportunities to teach yoga and what it takes to open your own studio.
  • As a graduate of our programme you will continue to be a part of our Antima Yoga community with our undivided support in the years to come.
  • You will also receive substantial discounts on any of our hands-on & on-line CE certification courses like Inversions & Arm Balances, Yin Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Yoga Nidra, Chakra Balancing and many more. 


But most of all, you will embark on the life-changing spiritual journey of becoming a Yoga Teacher and we will guide you on that journey, so you can discover who you already are, your true passion and how to channel it to selflessly serve others.

At Antima, we believe it’s all about balance, so our programme includes an even share of time between: 





Hands-on Learning & Reading


Lectures & Discussion


 Class Teaching & Peer Feedback

Our programme of both live instruction and online modules can be taken in any order over one, two or three years. Our unique approach gives you optimal flexibility to explore and learn at your own pace. Whether you want to qualify for YOGA ALLIANCE 500 RYT designation or fulfil your Continuing Education requirements, we have the training options to fit your needs. The live training is taught at carefully selected retreat centres around the world so you can unplug from daily distractions and fully immerse yourself in each life-changing experience. The online training is taken in the comfort of your own home so you can augment your skill set with maximum convenience and minimal investment.


Each live module counts for 50 hours of certified training. An online module comprises of 20 hours of  certified training. Either can be taken independently for YA continuing education requirements.


The 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training programme allows you to tailor your programme with 90 hours of elective courses. You can choose whatever combination of modules best suits your teaching path and preferences. Contact us to discuss which training plan will best deliver the insights you need to become the best version of you!



Our 50 hour on-hand modules & 20 hr on-line electives can also be utilised to attain your Yoga Alliance  continuing education requirements.

Here’s a brief breakout of some of the 20 hr modules to get you started on your journey:

 Community of Spirit & Shapeshifting Certification Course


  • Main Theme -Being Yoga Teachers- Joining Community of Spirit
  • Asanas: Purpose in Shapeshifting
  • Special Theme: Architecture of body in Yoga pose
  • Practicum - Exploring Shapeshifting Flows


Yin Yoga  Teacher Certification Course


  • Main Theme – Yin Yoga
  • Asanas: Yin Yoga
  • Special Focus: Meridian Theory and Latest Discoveries
  • Practicum – Designing and Teaching Yin Yoga 


 Teaching Power Yoga & Vinyasa Flow Certification Course


  • Main Theme – The Art of Teaching Power Yoga & Vinyasa Flows
  • Asanas: Waite Method Power Yoga
  • Special Theme: Mindfulness & Fitness
  • Practicum – Teaching Power Vinyasa Yoga


The Business of Yoga in Today's World


  • Main Theme- Finding Your Own Style, Marketing & Managing Your Yoga Business
  • Asanas: Ashtanga based Power Yoga
  • Special Theme: Identifying & Developing
  • Practicum -Teaching Key Asanas in Different Flows & Sequences


Pranayama & The Power of Breathwork Certification Course


  • Main Theme - Advanced Practices of Pranayama & How to Teach Them
  • Asanas: Restorative Yoga & Optimal Pranayama Postures, Mudras & Bandhas
  • Special Theme: Dharana and Dhyana
  • Practicum - Teaching Restorative Yoga and Pranayama

Adapting to Student Needs Certification Course


  • Main Theme -Teaching Methodology & Working with an Individual's Issues
  • Asanas: Hatha Yoga
  • Special Theme: Case Studies (Adaptation vs. Modification)
  • Practicum - Teaching Hatha Yoga Incorporating Modifications & Props

 Advanced Asana Workshop (arm balances & inversions)


  • Main Theme: Changing Nature of Asanas by Changing Flows and Sequencing
  • Asanas: Ashtanga Vinyasa meets Power Yoga
  • Special Theme: Exploration of Meaning of ‘Advanced’ in Asanas
  • Practicum: Teaching Key Asanas in Different Flows and Sequencies



 The Path to Wisdom & Enlightenment


  • Main Theme: Teach & Reach the Path to the Highest State of Wisdom
  • Asanas: Yin Yoga
  • Special Theme: Practise & All Is Coming
  • Practicum: Teaching Body Scan, Metta & Tonglen Meditation




90 credit hours of online courses can be applied to your 300 YA-RYT certification


Online courses can also be utilised to fulfill continuing education requirements. 


Module E1

Eastern Philosophies and Their Impact on Different Aspects of Yoga Practice

20 hours


Module E2

Yoga Nidra

20 hours


Module E3

Chakras – Bridge to Higher Consciousness – Theory, Practice and Latest Discoveries

20 hours


Module E4

Meditation Course

20 hours


Module E5

Yoga Sutras – In-depth Study

20 hours


Module E6

Mindfulness Course

20 hours

Other modules & online courses to be announced soon!

Contact us for more information to learn more about this exciting yoga journey today!