Pooling our 60+ years of experience, we have designed a programme that offers maximum breadth, depth and flexibility to yoga teacher candidates. Instead of the common one month "crash course" or the local "fit it into your schedule" option, our Yoga Alliance-approved programme enables people from all over the world to take one week off, once, twice or four times a year to explore the planet and focus on learning. Not simply the asanas. Not just physiology/anatomy. Not simply history or philosophy. Not only adjustment and pedogogy... But the whole picture, and for several styles (Yin, Ashtanga, Hatha, Rocket, Pralaya, Baptiste,...).


Our modular approach helps people find their own path and better prepare for a smooth transition into this meaningful profession and lifestyle. And since we believe in teamwork and the magic of sharing the journey, we decided to team up with mindful colleagues like you to help get the word out.


Our idea is that for every module paid in full by a yogi you recruit, we will compensate you 100 euros or US dollars. So when you recruit someone who signs up for all 6 modules ( the 300hr programme), you  earn 600€/$. If he or she signs up for just one module, you earn 100 €/$. Once their payment is confirmed, we will transfer your finder's fee/commission via PAYPAL.


Our goal is to encourage people to join this revolution to make this world a healthier, more meaningful experience. Positive ripples in all directions.

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