•  Increased depth of learning with our 60+ years of combined experience 
  • Easy on your schedule with our modular approach 
  • Multiple of styles included (Hatha, Ashtanga, Rocket Ashtanga, Baptiste, Yin, ...)  
  • Choice of beautiful locations to where immerse in learning
  • Undivided support to all of our graduates
  • Assistance with establishing your own practice or business
  • Substantial discounts on any future certification programmes, including workshops


Our modular approach allows participants to focus on each sub-section of the overall programme in a comprehensive way, boosting retention of the insights and mastery of the skills thanks to in-depth exploration of the material. By making all modules available on a rolling basis, participants can start the programme at any point and complete it whenever it works best for them. The modular structure allows yoga teachers flexible scheduling and financial planning, to better fit everyone’s unique lifestyle and goals. Getting away from the day-to-day to focus fully on a specific aspect of the  300 level advanced teacher training is a particularly effective and enjoyable way to learn. The content of each module is harmoniously woven together, creating a clear, complete picture of the material presented. We will also offer considerable elective material to enrich the educational quality of our programmes. Each module will be taught by at least two of our experienced teachers, to ensure optimal exposure to their vast knowledge, skills and passion for each aspect of the overall programme.


The content of our courses covers everything required by the world’s top yoga registry organisations for advanced 300 hr level teacher training programmes. In addition, based on our extensive teaching experience, we include in each course what we see as necessary for the graduates to be able to cultivate their passion to teach, so they can become compassionate followers of the art of teaching yoga, and inspire their students to follow the art and science of the contemporary yogic lifestyle according to the teachings of the original Yogis, the Vedas and the Upanishads, interpreted for our western lifestyle and modern times.


 Our teacher training courses are divided into easy-to-follow modules. Each module includes 45 contact hours and 5 non-contact hours. They are free-standing parts of the overall course (300 hr RYT certification) and can be taken over short, medium or long-term schedules. All modules cover every aspect of the required material for Yoga Alliance, International Yoga Federation and other key authorities. Each module’s scope allows participants to firmly master the concepts without being overwhelmed. Trainees can start with any module (anatomy, asanas, philosophy….) and piece together their certification on a schedule that works best for their lifestyle and priorities.